I can't express just how amazingly remote and abundant this lodge is in a simple paragraph. Let's just say that, when you think of jungle lodges, Shiripuno is the archetype. The rainforest is primary, uncut for tens of miles in every direction. There are varied habitats creating a bird list of over 450 species. Typical mammals that get hunted out with settlements, like the wooly monkey, tapir and spider monkey are still abundant here. 

DAY 01: After a short half-hour flight, from Quito to Coca, and over the Andes, we drive a small bus or "Chiva”, 90 km south via the Aucus road into the Yasuni Biosphere Reserve/Waorani Ethnic Reserve. Passing through farming communities, rainforest patches,  rivers, we will arrive at our launch site, the Shiripuno Bridge after about 2.5 hrs. There a box lunch will be served onsite. Afterwards, we’ll embark a motorized canoe and navigate the 65 km downstream to reach Shiripuno Lodge. The journey takes approximately 4 hours depending on water levels, but along the way, we can find birds such as Blue-and-Yellow Macaws, Scarlet Macaw, White-throated Toucan, Black-capped Donacobius, Orange-backed Troupial, Common Piping Guan, Magpie Tanager and others. We will also keep an eye out for mammals such as the Capybara, Brazillian Tapir, Golden-mantled Tamarin, Duski Titi Monkey, and if we are extremely lucky, Jaguar. When we arrive at the lodge, we will have dinner and a short night walk, listening for rare, sought-after birds such as Nocturnal Curassow, Black-banded, Crested and Spectacled Owl, Gray-winged TrumpetersGreat, Long-tailed and Rufous Potoo, Tawny-bellied Screech-OwlRufescent Tiger-Heron, Pauraque and Ocellated Poorwill all from your front porch.  

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